Meeting Point Jerusalem

“The Meeting Point“ is an interactive installation consisting of an open and exclusively local WIFI network, a projection and the Hybrid Letterbox. It was created for and shown as part of the “Meeting Point under the Bridge”, an initiative carried out by Jerusalem‘s Muslala Artists Collective and as part of the Israel Festival 2015.

Web Interface

This installation allowed anybody who visited the meeting point to create and share content and to interact with one another. The installation was realized in English, Hebrew and Arabic language.

The local network allowed only visitors that are present to contribute or access the content created. Anybody can access the Hybrid Meeting Point either through their personal devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops, or through the Hybrid Letterbox.


Depending on the day’s program, the Hybrid Meeting Point has different topics, questions and information around which visitors interacted with each other. This collectively created content was shown in a responsive projection. Over time, a dynamic collage of handwritten as well as typed messages in three different languages, drawings and photographs emerged and functioned as a mirror of the encounters, interactions and experiences shared by the visitors of the Meeting Point.

This Project was done in collaboration with Andreas Unteidig.

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