Mazi Archive

MAZI /Berlin is a pilot project that explores the relationship between network technologies, civic action, commons and informal learning. MAZI means together in Greek, and under this idea we work on the development of a DIY networking toolkit for location-based collective awareness.

During the first year of the project, the team of MAZI Berlin has been working on establishing and testing a MAZI framework that facilitates and supports the vivid civic discourses about socio-ecological transformation, urban and rural bonds, rights to the city and collective learning.

A first prototype was developed with the particular challenge of transferring knowledge. The Neighborhood Academy (NAk) recieves and works with individuals and initiatives whos encounters and conversations with are fundamental to the body of content created by the Academy. The challenge for them hereby lies in transporting the knowledge and the discourses generated in these encounters into the NAk and to make this knowledge accessible and workable.

For this, we were developing a tool that simultaneously serves the need to document and also to synergize and to publish knowledge as it is getting generated.

The tool consists on a physical recording artifact that helps to create an interview scenario, and a digital application that provides the platform for the content (protocol, questions, tags, recorded answers) to be produced and archived.

This Project was done as part of the Project MAZI at Design Research Lab Berlin

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