Magic Roads to Aliso

The interactive multimedia experience immerses you in the life of Roman legionnaires in Germania. The whole thing becomes mystical with dancing skeletons, a ghost that speaks to you from the deathbed and chickens that predict the future.

The polynation of the architecture

"Magic Roads to Aliso" puts you back 2000 years in the role of a 17-year-old Roman who is faced with far-reaching decisions: Do you want to take over your father's pottery business? Or do you embark on an adventure and join the Roman legion in the Roman camp of Aliso?

The mobile app makes use of AR elements (AR = augmented reality) to create magical moments with objects from the LWL-Römermuseum. The app can therefore only be used on site in the museum.

The story of Lucius and the augmented reality scenes, which make skeletons dance and chickens predict the future, bring the archaeological objects in the exhibition at the LWL-Römermuseum in Haltern am See back to life and create an immersive experience.

Created with the team at NEEEU in collaboration with the LWL Museum Haltern and Ah!Kosmos

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