Liebe Sonnenallee

The “Liebe Sonnenallee...“ (in English: “Dear Sun boulevard“) installation picks up the concept of the Hybrid Letterbox. Utilising the same interface, it regards not only the process of idea-sharing, but also shows up an approach on how to motivate people to take part in a public discussion around the submissions, by projecting the submitted postcards on a big wall at the Sonnenallee street.

Hybrid Letterbox

The “Liebe Sonnenallee...” installation elaborates the concept of the Hybrid Letterbox further. Utilising the interface of the Hybrid Letterbox, we set it up in a prominent space in Berlin-Neukölln. The collected postcards were instantly projected on on a huge wall, motivating people to take part in a public discussion around the submissions. Visitors could discuss letters anonymously by sending an SMS or writing comments on the website. One letter at a time is displayed in a random order on the big screen. When a new comment or postcard gets posted, it is instantly displayed on the projection. People were asked to address their postcards directly to the personified space of Sonnenallee, by commencing the postcards with “Dear Sonnenallee ... ”. The visitors could choose postcards with one of these introductory sentences: “Dear Sonnenallee, you are ...”, “Dear Sonnenallee, you were perfect, if ...” or “Dear Sonnenallee, I wish you were ...”. With its huge size, similar to the big posters of the advertising industry, the installation is dominating the public space. It is carrying the discussion into a public setting, recognised by everyone around - willingly or unwillingly. The "Liebe Sonnenallee" installation was exhibited during the Nacht und Nebel Festival 2013 in Neukölln.

Blog output

The Project was done in collaboration with Jennifer Schubert and Malte Bergmann at the Design Research Lab Berlin.

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