Apis Gropius

Through a sequence of three immersive, audio-visual experiences, Apis Gropius introduces viewers to a semi-fictional, eponymous bee species. Apis Gropius has been growing and pollinating behind the Gropius Bau’s historical walls ever since its World War II bombing. Before viewers’ eyes, the Gropius Bau’s architecture comes to life as we learn about bees, their forms of inventive organisation, and their essential insights on life, building and society.

Watch the app teaser.

The Apis Gropius experience is built for Augmented Reality, a technology that allows it to recognise features of the space. This approach to UX and technology allows the visitor to enjoy a seamless experience and focus on the art piece. The AR visualises moving bees, hives, floral and botanical spaces, and swarms. Through them, visitors will follow the story and bee evolution, raising questions about the importance of bees to our ecosystems.

The polynation of the architecture

Meet the semi-fictional bee species Apis Gropius, which leads visitors on an immersive tour through the Gropius Bau’s atrium.

Apis Gropius

Watch Apis Gropius Pollinating the architecture and constructing their hives.

Building of the hive

Created with the team at NEEEU in collaboration with the Gropius Bau and Ah!Kosmos

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